Easy to use, web-based + native accounting software.

April 2015: The Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Malaysia brought about a change in retailing making it a legal requirement to issue receipts with every purchase. Larger retailers would weather the change just fine, but small business with little formal procedures would be particularly affected. Heavy accounting software wouldn't be suitable for these small traders and GiveReceipt seeks to plug that gap.

Initial user flow. We prompt the user for company info after they've created the account. Chances are they'll be selling a few of the same item, in which case they can create a new receipt via modifying an old one.

Creating an identity

Professional accounting software is usually very staid. GiveReceipt aims to be more accessible, especially for small sole-traders whose main focus might not be on managing the books. The name itself is comparatively informal, and I created visuals to suit that.

If we were to pare a physical P.O.S. ribbon receipt down to its essence, we’d have a few key ingredients: its form factor, the perforated edge caused by the blade and the light GSM of the stock. The perforation and aspect is something we could take forward as the basis for the identity. We're still dealing with money so the bright teal is grounded with a sensible dark grey/white.

The application for this was broad from the outset — website, native app, EDM, banners and clothing. The primary lockup worked well in conventional settings but I know it wouldn’t translate to settings where a full-bleed arrangement wasn’t possible. Ideal usage (L): ‘Give Receipt’ would fit snuggly in the space above. Alternate usage (R).
  • 95FFE1
  • 222222
20mm × 230mm, 240gsm namecards. Die-cut to show off our corrigated motif. This went through quite a few variations to balance interest and practiaclity. Die-cutting
Ionic (IoS/Android) app 'Creation' views.
Going forwards — a seclection of print templates for Premium users, with option for tailored vouchers to encourage repeat custom.